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Matt Moore

Matt Moore


Ubuntu live USB drive with cross-platform writable partition
·2 mins
Create an Ubuntu live USB drive with a writable data partition compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac.
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS with btrfs subvolumes
·9 mins
The Ubuntu 24.04 LTS installer does not support installing to btrfs subvolumes. Here’s a workaround.
Install Arch and Ubuntu side by side with btrfs
·9 mins
Installing Arch and Ubuntu side by side on the same btrfs partition.
Windows 11 Installation via CLI
·2 mins
Install Windows 11 from the command prompt instead of the GUI.
ZSA Voyager
·1 min
ZSA Voyager split keyboard
System76 Meerkat Dual-Boot Linux and Windows
·4 mins
Dual-boot Linux and Windows on System76 Meerkat.
Neovim Lua Mappings
·1 min
My neovim Lua mappings.
Arch Linux Wayland Gnome with NVIDIA
·2 mins
Setting up Wayland in Arch Linux with Gnome/GDM on NVIDIA hardware (Alienware x17 R2).
Scala 3 with ScyllaDB
·2 mins
Using ScyllaDB locally using the ScyllaDB Java Driver with Scala 3.
Audio analysis: Mel Spectrograms
·3 mins
Audio Digital Signal Processing
Frequency analysis in audio signals.