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Install Doom Emacs on Apple Silicon Mac

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Matt Moore
Matt Moore
Table of Contents

Install d12frosted/emacs-plus

brew tap d12frosted/emacs-plus
brew install emacs-plus --with-native-comp --with-modern-black-dragon-icon

Wait for it to finish installing (may take a while since it’s compiling from source via --with-native-comp).

After it’s done, link the app with either:

ln -s /opt/homebrew/opt/emacs-plus@29/ /Applications


osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to make alias file to posix file "/opt/homebrew/opt/emacs-plus@29/" at POSIX file "/Applications"'

Install doomemacs/doomemacs

git clone --depth 1 ~/.config/emacs
~/.config/emacs/bin/doom install

…which takes a while. Confirm yes to any prompts.

You should now be able to launch Doom Emacs from your Mac applications - it’s named “”