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Windows 11 Installation via CLI

·2 mins
Matt Moore
Matt Moore
Table of Contents

Boot from optical media or ISO in VM

Windows Setup

As soon as the installation media has loaded, press Shift + F10 to open the command prompt.

Command Prompt

The command prompt should automatically be in the X:\sources directory.

Partition disk

Start disk partitioning:


List all the disks:

list disk

Select the disk you want to install to:

sel disk 0

Convert the disk to gpt:

convert gpt

Ensure the Gpt column has a star:

list disk

Create EFI partition:

create partition efi size=100

Create main partition for OS. By default, creating the primary partition will use the remaining space on the drive:

create partition primary

Verify the partitions were created:

list par

Format partitions

Select the EFI partition and partition it as FAT 32:

sel par 1
format fs=fat32 quick

Select and format the primary OS partition:

sel par 2
format fs=ntfs quick

Assign Drive Letters to new partitions

sel par 1
assign letter=g:

sel par 2
assign letter=c:

Verify drive letters with:

list vol

Exit diskpart by typing exit.

Install Windows to C: drive (primary partition)

Change to D:\sources, which contains the Windows installation sources.

cd sources

Then run:

DISM /Get-ImageInfo /imagefile:install.wim

Find the index for the variant you want. For Windows 11 Home, the index shows as 1. Then, install Windows files to the C: drive:

DISM /apply-image /imagefile:install.wim /index:1 /applydir:c:

This might take a couple minutes. On my machine, it was fairly quick. This is actually installing the Windows files to the primary partition, which we assigned earlier to C:.

Install Windows bootloader to G: drive (EFI partition)

bcdboot c:\Windows /s G: /f ALL

Exit the command prompt, close the installer and reboot.

Bypass Microsoft sign-in (offline setup)

It’s probably a good idea to disconnect your network cable (if you’re on a physical machine) or disable your virtual network adapter (if installing to a VM). Then, once you’ve rebooted the machine, press Shift + F10 to get the command prompt, then enter:


Let it reboot, then you’ll have the option for “I don’t have internet”, and then choose limited setup.

No internet option

Limited setup

How to avoid security questions during setup

Leave the password blank to avoid having to answer the security questions.